We believe our courses are fairly and competitively priced and offer great value.  Our course offering is particularly attractive for people who are based within easy travelling distance of Munich, especially if they are looking for training in English.

Having said that, there are a few possibilities for reducing the course costs:

  • Make a group booking. We offer discounts on group bookings for public courses and our rates for private courses for groups, organizations and companies are particularly economical for larger groups. Get in touch with us to discuss the options.
  • Get your employer to pay for the course. Your employer will benefit from you taking a course as much as you will. Employers often have training budgets and a commitment for further training their employees and this may offer an opportunity for you to get additional recognition from your employer when salary budgets are capped.
  • Claim the training costs against tax.As we understand the situation under German tax legislation, if you are self-employed or an employee you are entitled to claim expenses for work-related training including course fees and materials, travel and subsistence, etc. If your employer pays the cost or reimburses you for training costs this should be considered as a non-taxable benefit.   Please consider though, we are not tax advisors and you should check this advice with your own tax advisor.