Chris on a Sofa


CHIM was established in Germany in 2001 by Chris Holt, who started his consultancy career working for CAP Gemini Sogeti and has over 20 years of experience as an independent consultant. He has led or helped lead projects implementing  IT solutions, new business processes and new organizational structures in more than 80 countries, for large companies like Hewlett Packard, DHL, Compaq Computer, Mercury Telecommunications, Eurotunnel, Rockwool International A/S and COTY as well as for start-ups and SMEs.

Chris has lived in Australia, the UK, Spain and Belgium and has been resident in Munich since 1996 and Basel since 2016.  He is a native English Speaker, has fluent written and spoken German, Spanish and French, basic spoken Italian and very good comprehension of written Italian, Catalan and Portuguese.