Traditional project management methods are based on the idea that everyone knows what they want at the start of the project and that the whole project can be planned at the beginning based on those requirements.  This approach suits some kinds of projects and project environments, but when it doesn't, the outcome can be frustrating: Arguments about changes, delays, extra costs or at worst, the project fails to deliver a product which achieves the desired objectives.

 Agile project management methods recognise that at the start of a project the people who need a solution often don’t understand what it should look like or how exactly it should work and the people who need to provide the solution don’t understand the detail of what their ‘customer’ wants to achieve.  There is pressure to deliver results as quickly and cheaply as possible and, of course, with great quality and lots of features...

AgilePM® (Agile Project Management™) provides a framework for ensuring that the right people are involved in learning about what is needed to successfully achieve the desired results.  It ensures that the evolved solution contains the features which are really needed and is delivered to a fixed dead-line at a fixed price.

Agile crew sailing a boat

Think of an AgilePM® project as being like a journey in a sailing boat.

The destination and time of arrival are clearly understood, but the course of the boat will be affected by winds and tides and cannot be exactly determined in advance.

The captain and crew understand their individual roles and are constantly trimming the boat or adjusting the course to make sure they get to where they want to go when they want to get there.

AgilePM® is specifically designed for organizing all sorts of projects, not just for software development.